Are you ready to untie and boost up your business?!

*Imagine using your computer with fully loaded Microsoft Office latest version and business applications available on any device, anywhere, at any time.

*Imagine doing an online marketing campaign super easy and convenient by sending thousands of text messages to customers' phones in just couple of minutes.

*Imagine being worry free about computer software or hardware problem with our IT managed service. Just simply request remote support right at your finger tip.

We are an IT cloud services consultant company. We are providing to both individual and small business solution to streamline their operation/activity through benefit of cloud technology. Our cloud systems are engineered to bring you the solutions that’s right for your business and personal needs. Also we help you get the most of what cloud technology has to offer at a very affordable price.


Mobile Responsive Graphic Designs

BYOD. We love freedom, that's why we brought that love to our services. There is no hardware or application purchase needed. No matter of screen sizes, our end users interface graphics is fully responsive, smart adaptive to work well on any mobile devices.

Low Latency + High Bandwidth = Fast Speed

Our systems are coded light, hosted on powerful servers, so they run fast. We use rack mount enterprise class servers with Solid State Drive and 10 Gigabits backbone network for the best performance. Along with that very fast network speed, thousands GB bandwidth is a standard offer from us. In addition, you can save time from learning new systems with our easy to use graphic user interface. Our question is: are you ready to upgrade your internet plan to enjoy our lightning fast services?

High Availability of Cloud Infrastructure

Not all the cloud infrastructure was built the same. We have backup power systems, networks and hardware are setup high availability. All of our hard work just to make sure your services are online and available when you need most. Also, our data centers are strategically located around the world; so wherever your business is, your connection speed is always maximized.

Professional Grade of Consulting And Support

We offer a complete range of Technology Consulting and Support Services designed to help you get the most from your IT investment. Cloud computing is scale-able. As your business grows, your IT cloud infrastructure grows with you. A7 Cloud is always here to help, either it is just personal matter or an emergency business case. You are in our good hands, with our industry certified IT team your entire business will get the right support needed.



I 100% satisfy with the quality of A7 Cloud services. Their systems are always up and run fast. I can access to my important files at anytime I want. I have no idea how they did it, but they made all their systems run on the web interface which is compatible with my ipad, and windows desktop. It means no extra setup when I switch my device.

-- Mark Jefferson --

I just wanted to say how wonderful your services are. You bring my business to next level without any technical hiccup. Now I can do everything I want remotely that before I had to stay at my desk.

-- Paul Torres --

Your cloud systems really mean business. They are extremely easy to use, and very useful. All office documents like word, excel, powerpoint I can process online. In addition, I don't need to pay extra fee for my employees, just one flat rate for unlimited users, which really fit on my budget. Thank you.

-- Jessica Litora --


Access to Premium Perks : Search and enjoy over 300,000 members-only discounts and perks on everything from car rentals, travel packages to office supplies. This extra benefit included in all our services. As long as you remain your subscription, you will get your great PERKS.



We are a cloud consultant company founded in Houston, Texas. The company is young but our founders and team members are all experts in their fields. Our IT Team are directors, managers, programmers, networking engineers, customer support specialists with many years of experience working for corporations of America and international firms. We are confident in our cloud services. Our main focus is helping small and medium businesses to run smoothly and effortlessly. Our three principles are

- Pursuing perfection and simplicity in our work

- Testing and running our systems with best practices and standards in mind

- Understanding your Business Goals and Expectations